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Our Quality Policy

OxyHeaven strives to create value that can be sustained over the long term by meeting consumer needs for quality and producing reliable products that provide a healthy way to meet daily hydration needs.

Our commitment and reputation for high-quality products has been built over many years.
Our products guarantee that water is safe to consume, complies with all relevant laws and regulations and consistently meets the highest non- negotiable standards of quality.

  • Fresh,Pure,Mineral Water

    We have come up with an international standard product " Oxy Heaven " to full fill the most important need of human being..

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    Purification Process

    Each drops of "Oxy Heaven" undergoes a strong 12 steps purification process which result into completely fresh and pure...

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  • Quality Standards

    At "Oxy Heaven" ,we give our full efforts and importance to quality and believe in maintaining the highest possible standards so..

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    Most Sellig Products

    Laxmi Beverages is producing the different size of packing in minerals water,such as 1 Liter , 2 Liter,200ml pouch packing..

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