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About us

Laxmi Beverages is one of the leading packaged water supplier in the Chhattisgarh. It was founded in 2013 by two Gupta Brothers Mr. Laxmi and Mr. Chandrakant. The idea of supplying packaged water is first stroke in younger brother’s mind and which is well appreciated by elder brother.
As we all know that the population of India is growing like anything and soon it will be the most populated country in the world and with many challenges one of the major challenge will be supply of fresh and pure water to every individual.
We have come up with an International Standard product “Oxy Heaven” to full fill the most important need of human being fresh and pure water in affordable prices. Join hands with us in a process to make “Healthy India, Happy India”.

What we offer

Our OxyHeaven Minral Water Quality Assurance Centre is testing over 100 chemical and microbiological parameters (including heavy metals and pesticides) are tested during this analysis, to monitor water quality.

Our advantages

What Makes Us Unique
At Laxmi Beverages, we believe that a successful search firm must deliver on each of the "12x7":
It's the all-important intangible - the affinity between our firm and Our customers, and between the candidates we screen and your senior management.
Currency of Relationships
Delivering value in every area of business -including search - is more important than ever.
Beyond delivering on the "12x7" Laxmi Beverages combines several qualities that set us apart from other firms.
Industry Specialization
We specialize in the water purification industries. we can draw on our in-depth background in these fields and consult our extensive network of high-level industry contacts. This enables us to understand fully the unique challenges and opportunities facing our customer and to identify the most successful players in our country segment.
We've placed senior executive in all sectors of media.
We feel strongly that having a targeted, strategic focus is the only way to deliver the personalized, customized service that a senior-level search requires.

Our Quality Policy

OxyHeaven strives to create value that can be sustained over the long term by meeting consumer needs for quality and producing reliable products that provide a healthy way to meet daily hydration needs.

Our commitment and reputation for high-quality products has been built over many years.
Our products guarantee that water is safe to consume, complies with all relevant laws and regulations and consistently meets the highest non- negotiable standards of quality.

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    We have come up with an international standard product " Oxy Heaven " to full fill the most important need of human being..

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